Ivanhoe Internet.org


You’ve been waiting a long time for affordable, unlimited, high-speed internet in Ivanhoe. 

So have we.

We are pleased to announce we continue to make progress.  We have closed on our office location and the remodeling is underway. We need CARPENTERS, ELECTRICIANS, PLUMBERS and GENERAL LABOR.  If you’re interested, contact info@IvanhoeInternet.org

Check the FAQ page link for the latest information and answers to Frequently Asked Questions about this service.

We started this project in July 2017 and have invested a tremendous amount of time and money in this effort to bring unlimited high-speed Internet to Ivanhoe.  We believe this will have a very positive impact on the community. . 

Many have asked how they can help.  If you’re unable to assist with our build-out, you can SPREAD THE WORD!   Tell your friends and neighbors to visit www.IvanhoeInternet.org, and sign up to pre-register.  We use this information to help plan our network and you will be first to receive updates on our progress.